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State: Italy 1861-1946 (Kingdom)  /  Continent: Europa  /  Era: former

Italy 1861-1946 (Kingdom) flag
English name: Italy 1861-1946 (Kingdom)  |  1861-1946
Formal name:Kingdom of Italy
Original name:Regno d´Italia
Last update: 2015-09-05  |  Version: 1.0  |  Graphic designer: Mariusz Magnuszewski

english name Royal Italian Army

original name Regio Esercito

typeArmy branch insignia

date1940 - 1946

General Staff Royal Carabiniers
alpini bersaglieri artillery engineers commissaries
supply troops administration medical service veterinary service fencing masters
frontier guards infantry frontier guards artillery frontier guard engineers armoured corps light tanks
motor transport unassigned infantry chemical corps black shirts financial guard